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Pharmacy Department



Our Pharmacy Services supports comprehensive patient care by providing excellent, unique and cost efficient pharmaceutical care that are geared towards providing quality care to all patients, nursing and medical staff alike, in an atmosphere of shared respect, teamwork and communication, under supervision of the Pharmacy and Therapeutic Committee in accordance with (CBAHI) & (JCIA) standards, and under the umbrella of the rules and regulations of the ministry of health in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


Our highly skilled team of professional pharmacists and technicians works together to serve inpatients and outpatients receiving care at our hospital, and especially those who require consistent critical medication through obtaining, stocking, reviewing, dispensing and monitoring drug therapy to assure that patients receive the highest quality of pharmaceutical care supported the very advanced and modern hospital information System.


The department of pharmacy provides expanded and updated drug information to every healthcare professional through the available online formulary and drug information resources.


Al-Ahsa Hospital Pharmaceutical Services include:

- Outpatient Pharmacy Services:  it serves patients from outpatient clinics and emergency department. Outpatient Pharmacists provide counselling to patients on how to use their medications properly, and warn them about the side effects of these drugs.


- Inpatient Pharmacy Services:  it serves the admitted patients 24 hours a day,7 days a week, providing all prescribed medications per unit dose to avoid over dosage and achieve cost effectiveness as per the national and international accreditation standards for medications management.


- Clinical Pharmacist Services: Clinical pharmacists supervise the implementation of the hospital's pharmaceutical care plan, they also are responsible for collecting, investigating and analyzing any reports about medication errors and reported adverse drug events and provide recommendations when consulted by our physicians.



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Pharmacy Department


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