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Newborn Nursery



The Newborn Nursery at Al Ahsa Hospital focuses on providing family-centered care to promote family and infant bonding. 


We care for healthy newborns and for newborns with special medical needs. We are often able to provide additional services, without transferring to an intensive care unit, such as but not limited to:

* Treating jaundice using phototherapy .

* Provide oxygenation .

* Provide vaccination.


Our healthcare team consisting of pediatricians and specialized nurses will examine your baby each day he or she is in the hospital, support maternal-child bonding, provide practical hands-on assistance to support breastfeeding, answer your questions and give you specific instructions about the care for your newborn and practice evidence-based medicine.


Your baby will be able to stay with you as much as you wish during your stay. If you want to get some rest or just have some time alone, your baby can be cared for by the well trained nursing staff in the Newborn Nursery.


Our top priority is keeping you and your baby safe. We give all babies and mothers matching identification bracelets right in the Labor and Delivery and operating room. Our dedicated, full time, professional security staff helps us ensure the safest environment for you and your baby.


The nursery is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


We look forward to serve you for life



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